Industrial Heating Myths De-Bunked

December 1 2015

James Patten


Brr! It’s getting a bit chilly outside isn’t it? While the temperature outside begins to drop, it’s little wonder that working in an industrial setting such as a warehouse has become a little less comfortable, too.

These large, airy buildings tend to suffer a drastic drop in temperature during the winter months, but it doesn’t have to mean that the workforce working in them have to suffer! With various heating options available for industrial settings –like our effective radiant heaters– your workforce can remain warm and toasty… and more importantly, productive!

However, like many heating systems, there are always myths surrounding their use, but as leading industrial heating specialists, we’re here to de-bunk the lot and show you why you should be investing in a heating system for your business!

Myth: Turning the Heating Off During the Day Saves More Energy.

Although temperatures are generally at their lowest during the evening, it is still important to heat your building throughout the day, too.

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You may think that you will be wasting energy-and therefore money- by heating your building during the warmest parts of the day, but the truth is that no one will really benefit from the heating being on exclusively during the evening, other than staff who work a night shift.

If you do turn your heating on and off during the day, you are at risk of damaging the components that make up your heating system, especially if the weather is cold enough to freeze any pipes that you have installed. This constant heating and cooling can cause issues with these pipes, and you could end up with no heating at all- not ideal when the temperatures are nearing 0 degrees!

Myth: Buildings With High Ceilings Don’t Keep Warm

Many people believe that if a room has a high ceiling, then there’s no point in heating it as all the heat will simply rise up to the roof, and no one will feel the benefit.


Although heat will rise to the roof of the room, there are options that can be installed that can send the warm air back down into the room, such as de-stratification fans.

These fans blast the rising heat back down into the room, making the heating system efficient and keeping your workers warm in the workplace, no matter how high the ceiling is.

Myth: Heating Systems Should Be Left on Low to Save Money

It might seem like a plausible idea to keep your heating running on a low heat to get a room warm, but you are at more of a risk of wasting money than you are saving it.

This is because it will require more energy to heat the entire room on a lower heat than it will to pump a higher heat around the room.

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If you are looking at a more economically friendly way to heat your business, we suggest looking into heating systems that use timers or thermostats which heat the rooms at certain points throughout the day or when a certain temperature is reached.

We hope that we’ve de-bunked some of the myths that you have heard surrounding industrial heading systems, and trust that you will be looking into installing a heating system into your business.

If you need some help finding that perfect system, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Heritage Heating. For more information, contact us on 01509 814 123 and speak to one of our professional team today and be sure to check out our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages for regular heating and cooling updates!

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