How We Make Sure Your Air Conditioning System Is Providing Maximum Efficiency

July 11 2014

James Patten


As many of our customers already know, at Heritage Heating and Cooling we provide top quality industrial heating and air conditioning in Derby and many other surrounding areas. Our industrial experience has enabled us to add value to our services and now, we are able to offer you comprehensive services that include helping you ensure your air conditioning is working with maximum efficiency in the following ways:


If you are not very familiar with air conditioning installation, the process can be very complicated and particularly daunting, not to mention the potential dangers you might be exposing yourself and fellow employees to. Industrial guidelines suggest that experienced engineers should perform all installations to ensure accuracy to the finest detail. In some situations, you are required to apply for an electrical permit, and we will guide you throughout this process.


The maintenance procedure of air conditioning can be equally as complicated as the installation process, therefore you should only allow Gas Safe approved engineers to assist you with any tasks related to this. While some companies will simply install the equipment and cut ties with you upon receiving all their financial gains, we make our best effort to build a relationship with our clients. Each of our clients is offered an exclusive maintenance contract that includes a unique combination of an annual service, breakdown cover and a speedy response to equipment breakdown callouts.


It is imperative that your air conditioning is installed in a place where it will provide maximum efficiency, therefore hiring qualified engineers like those available here at Heritage Heating and Cooling is certainly a good idea. The placement of the heating should also be somewhere where it does not disturb corporate operations. Our engineers will take all this into consideration.

So, as you can tell we at Heritage Heating and Cooling place emphasis on making sure our customers are fully satisfied with our services. Our highly regarded reputation as a leading organisation justifies why many companies heavily rely on our air conditioning systems to regulate temperature in their places of work. As we mentioned earlier on, we provide air conditioning in Coventry and Derby so if you need our services please do not hesitate to contact us on 01509 814 325.

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