How To Look After Your Heating System

November 28 2014

James Patten


During this time of year, your heating system is going to be working even harder than usual, so it’s important to maintain it well to keep it working when you need it most. We provide a maintenance service with our expert engineers, but there a few steps you can take yourself to improve the lifespan of your machines.

Regular Services

This is possibly the most important step to ensure a well looked after heating system that carries on pumping out warm air through the winter months. Keeping up with services allows our engineers to diagnose any issues or faults with your machine before they become serious. It also gives them an opportunity to keep up with any small maintenance tasks to ensure that your system keeps on working to its fullest potential.

Using it efficiently

It goes without saying that if you have your heating on the highest setting with your windows wide open, your system is going to be working hard unnecessarily. This can cause issues, as the general wear and tear on a machine is going to be increased on one that is working more than it needs to. In order to avoid this, ensure that you use your system efficiently and effectively by cutting out any sources of drafts, only using your system when you need to and keeping it at a comfortable temperature.

Clean work environment

One of the problems that can affect your heating system is contaminants finding their way into your heater. These contaminants can lead to the heater shorting out or failing completely. This can be worsened if the area in which your heater is placed is not kept free of dust and dirt. Keeping the area around your heater, and the system itself, clean can be an essential part of extending its lifespan.

Here at Heritage Heating, we are experts in warm air heating. Not only do we have a wide range of heating systems, perfect for any business, we provide the service of our engineers who can carry out regular maintenance work on your machines. For more information about our services, contact us by calling 01509 814 123

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