How to Keep Air Conditioning Costs Down This Summer

August 3 2016

James Patten


Summer is well underway and temperatures are likely to go down… eventually. For now, you still need to keep your office cool and your employees comfortable, as heat can have a negative impact on their health and productivity.

A factor that you need to consider while ensuring your workplace is nice and cool is how to keep the AC costs down. After all, you don’t want to be surprised by the energy bill at the end of the month, but you still want to enjoy all the benefits this system brings to yourself and your employees.

Is Your AC Unit Energy-Efficient?

The first measure you want to take is making sure you purchase an eco-friendly air conditioner. You may be required to invest in a more expensive unit if you want your AC to be highly energy-efficient, which can seem counterproductive at a first glance but will actually benefit you in the long run.

This is even more important in hot work environments, since the air conditioner will be used many times; and if you already have AC in your workplace, check to see if the system can help you save energy. Cost-efficient AC units are not just dependant on the price you pay when you purchase them, but also in their energy-saving capabilities.

Replace Old Air Conditioners

If the air conditioning system in your workplace is old, it’s likely that you’ll have to replace it in order to cut down energy costs. Older units don’t have the same focus on energy efficiency as newer ones do, and it’s more likely that their parts need to be replaced as well.

Keep Your AC Unit in Top Shape

You can keep your AC working properly and cut down on energy costs by keeping it clean. Over time, dirt and dust will accumulate on the filters inside your air conditioner, so it’s important that they’re cleaned often – otherwise the AC will need to work harder to keep working, meaning it not only needs to spend more energy but it can also overheat and malfunction.

In addition, ensuring your air conditioner is serviced regularly can keep it functioning correctly and using lower levels of energy for longer. Calling in professional help to service your air conditioning system also ensures that any leaks are fixed and the pipes are working well.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

This is an incredibly useful mechanism to keep your AC costs down in the workplace. Instead of having to constantly adjust the temperature, by installing a programmable thermostat you can set the cooling system on a cycle, so that it’s a few degrees warmer for a couple of hours from time to time.

This means that when the temperature in the office lowers due to the air conditioner, the thermostat will then adjust it to save energy.

During hot days it’s a relief to be able to rely on the air conditioning system – and productivity can soar to new heights if your employees are comfortable, not feeling like they’re melting! We want all of our customers to enjoy the benefits that come with our range of office and industrial AC solutions, so please don’t hesitate to talk to us about your air conditioning needs!

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