How To Heat Your Warehouse

January 19 2022

James Patten


Heating warehouses can be a tricky business. Heating a space that is so vast might seem like an impossibility, or a very expensive possibility. However, if you own a warehouse, it’s important that you provide sufficient heating for both your employees and the products that you are storing.

Keeping a warehouse heated to the right conditions is extremely important, products should be kept at specific temperatures that don’t allow them to become damaged or deteriorated; and you have an obligation to your workers’ wellbeing, an importance proven by the fact that the Health and Safety Executive suggests that the temperature in workplaces should be at least 16oC and in environments where a lot of physical activity is involved, this temperature can drop to 13oC.

So, in order to create the perfect environment where both your employees and your products and equipment can thrive, it’s necessary that your warehouse is properly heated to reasonable temperatures.

What do you need to consider when heating your warehouse?

There are certain things that you need to consider when it comes to properly heating your warehouse.

This includes:

  • The heat load – This depends on what your warehouse contains. Does it have machinery or stock stored? Each will require a different heat load which will influence the type of heating solution you need.
  • Size of warehouse – How much space are you needing to heat? This will need to be worked out before choosing a heating solution.
  • Where it will be installed – Is there a specific location in which the heating product can be installed? Where will it be placed in order to provide hot air to the whole warehouse.


Types of warehouse heating

The next step in heating your warehouse is choosing a heating system. You need to find the solution that works best for you, so it’s important to note the differences between types of heating, so that you know what you have to work with.

Heaters tend to include:

  • Suspended compact heaters – perfect if you don’t have a lot of space, as they are out of the way of daily traffic. With plenty to choose from in terms of design, suspended heaters are also easy to install and maintain.
  • Floor standing cabinet heaters – if you prefer, or if your space isn’t at a premium, you might want to check out standing heaters, which are available in a number of possible installations: vertically, horizontally or even on the exterior of your warehouse – this is because these heaters have several heat outputs and burners, so their versatility makes them incredibly useful in the workplace.
  • Radiant tube and plaque heaters – radiant systems don’t heat the air; instead, they heat your employees and everything around them, like the floor.

Another factor to take into consideration is how energy-saving the heater is, as that can determine your choice, especially if you’re on a budget. So, ensuring you get a cost-effective, as well as energy-saving, heater is a key component to properly heating your warehouse.

Warm Air Heaters

Warm air heating is one of the best ways to heat a warehouse. It works by drawing the air across a heat exchanger so that the temperature increases. It is then easily distributed around the whole warehouse by using a fan with ducts and vents in the same way as an air conditioning unit, with the air temperature being dictated by simple controls. The positioning of warm air heaters in an efficient way ensures that warm air travels freely through the space to guarantee the absence of cold spots.

It’s important that the air is distributed evenly throughout the space so that the temperature remains consistent throughout the day. Thus, allowing for spaces and workers to be warmed up and have a comfortable working environment.

warm-air-heater-powr warm-air-heater-benson

Suspended Heaters

Suspended heaters require minimal space, making them a fantastic way for fitting a powerful and reliable heating system into a warehouse where regulations might forbid floor standing heaters or where floor space is limited. They are designed for versatility, with the option of room-sealed or open-flue installation. At Heritage, we offer both suspended gas heaters and suspended oil heaters.

Industrial gas heaters are easy to maintain and operate with rear or top air flue spigots. Suspended oil heaters are a great investment for any commercial or industrial premises, as they are an efficient way to heat a large space, and certain models are bio-fuel compatible.


Cabinet Heaters

Cabinet heaters are great for warehouses where space isn’t at a premium. There is a vast range of cabinet heaters, but the ones that are ideal for warehouse spaces are floor standing cabinets. They are available in gas or oil, vertical or horizontal, internal, external, and even room-sealed options. Their versatility makes them incredibly useful in the workplace; they are also easier to maintain, as access is granted at any time. At Heritage, we stock cabinet heaters constructed from top-quality materials for a longer lifespan and provide only the most reliable brands of cabinet heater: Benson and Powrmatic.

Benson cabinet heaters are famous for coming with a highly efficient four-pass heat exchanger, an innovation that provides a cost-effective heating service. They are also equipped with systems such as SmartCom, a fantastic time and temperature control solution that also brings added password protection with it, so your heating levels can be relied upon to be consistent.

cabinet-heater-powrmatic cabinet-heater-bnson

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is ideal for those who are looking for industrial heating that can be tailored to their specific space. It uses a tube heating system that is designed for using within environments such as warehouses where doors need to be opened frequently or left open for extended periods of time. It uses a lot less energy than other traditional heating options.

It works by warming objects, surfaces, and people directly – the opposite to warm air heating that warms the air. This means you don’t have to waste time heating up the air – it provides instant heating for the things that need it. This means that energy is not wasted heating up air that will then flow out of a building. Radiant heaters provide instant warmth and their design and versatility ensure many additional benefits, such as being able to mount them to the ceiling to save on floor space.

The main advantages of radiant heating for your warehouse are:

  • Ease of maintenance and management
  • Space-saving due to suspended heaters being installed
  • Used for both directional spot heating and overall heating needs
  • Even heat distribution at low levels
  • Instant heating and easy to control

radiant-plaque-heaters radiant-tubes

One of the best ways to know which heating system is the best for your warehouse is to speak to a professional. Alongside the installation process, we also have a highly experienced maintenance team who will make sure that your units are always working as well as they should be.

Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling, we have a variety of heating solutions which are tailored for your business to ensure the right temperature in your warehouse and the best possible employee performance.

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