How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning For Your Business

May 9 2016

James Patten


Air conditioning can be a life saver in the office during the peak summer season. Before this invention, many offices, and even the government, had periods where they would just close down during the summer to avoid the overwhelming heat.

But not every air conditioner is the same, and not every business is the same, so how do you find the right match?

Floor Mounted Units


One option is the floor mounted air conditioning unit; a great choice as it works from the ground upwards and so it takes much less time to feel the benefits of this type of air conditioning. It is also ideal if you are lacking the wall space to install units there, or even in buildings that have more glass walls than actual drywalls, in which case it is impossible to install traditional air conditioning on the walls. They can also be far more discreet than their counterparts.

A problem with this unit comes in the form of air flow being blocked by things put over it, such as furniture. This could lead to uneven distribution of air throughout the room.

Ceiling Cassette Units


An opposite option comes in the form of the ceiling cassette unit. This is an effective unit as it is suspended on the ceiling, often out of sight and out of mind as it will not take up any valuable wall or floor space. A ceiling cassette unit is also much more energy efficient and quieter as the condenser is located outside of the building.

The fact that the condenser is outside of the building means that a professional needs to install the unit, run lines between the condenser and indoor unit, and the initial costs can be higher as a result. Also, if installed incorrectly or not in the optimum place for efficiency it can be more costly to run in the long term.

Wall Mounted Units


Wall mounted units are an affordable option compared to other units, coming in a wide variety of designs and choices to best suit your offices needs. It is conveniently placed on a wall, which means additional safety and easy maintenance as the unit remains quickly accessible. It also saves space compared to a floor unit as it is placed on often unused office wall space.

The only problem with this particular unit is that some consider them to be unappealing; they are not as unavoidable to look at as other options and as such draw a lot of attention in an office environment. So, you should consider whether this is something you want your visitors to see before investing.

Choosing air conditioning is important. You want to ensure that all of your employees feel the benefit; it does not do well to have half of your employees baking in the office while the others enjoy the perfect ambient temperature. So, carefully consider the size, positioning and breadth of the air conditioning of your choice.

Choose the type of air conditioning that best suits your business needs and enjoy the cool refreshment that it provides all summer long. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, call us on 01509 814690 and we will happily answer any enquiries that you may have regarding your air conditioning needs.

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