How to Boost Your Building’s Energy Efficiency Rating

December 7 2014

James Patten


Efficiency is hugely important for your business, and if your building isn’t very energy efficient it could be costing you more that it should – in fact, it will be. Many industries require round the clock action, and this can make it difficult to lower your carbon foot print and decrease energy bills. Here at Heritage Heating, we know how it important it is to be as green as possible, so this year, don’t throw away money and boost your building’s energy efficiency by following these tips:

1.       Update Heating & Air Con Systems

If your air conditioning units are older than 10 years, it is time to update them. Newer models are far more efficient as they have been specially designed to keep up with today’s environmental legislation. Although purchasing new industrial heaters can be quite a large investment, it will certainly make a difference to your running costs and allow you to provide a comfortable environment for your employees.

2.       Let the Sun in!

Any windows in the office should be clear of clutter, this will allow you to benefit from more sunlight, meaning that office lights do not need to be on all of the time, plus natural light can help to warm office areas. Of course, you may want to invest in window films to prevent too much heat entering the office through the windows.

3.       Plan Your Space

The layout of your building can actually have an effect on how efficient it is. If you own the building you could consider a little interior demolition work to open up space as this will improve the space plan. This may not be appropriate for everyone, so just consider how your business works physically; is there a better way to do it? If so, have a switch around!

4.       The Human Element

In most cases, it is actually the human element that causes a lack of efficiency when it comes to consuming more energy than what you’re producing. Workers leave computers on, lights are constantly on in the corridors and toilets when not in use – this means that energy is constantly being consumed.  So, take the time to educate staff and/or install green light bulbs or automatic light sensors that turn off after a certain amount of time. Ensure that the building’s energy efficiency is monitored to make sure that you are getting the best out of it.

Energy efficiency is incredibly important for commercial premises. Investing a little time into seeing how you can improve your energy consumption will certainly have a positive impact on your business. So update your systems, plan your space and go green!

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