How High Temperatures Can Mess With Your Emotions

January 20 2016

James Patten


Nothing compares to the feeling of being toasty warm inside while it’s raining nonstop outside. But what if that warmth disappears and is instead replaced by an uncomfortable feeling? You start to sweat and your clothes irritate you as they scrape against your skin. In fact, you feel irritable now, while you were so peaceful just a few moments ago.

So while higher temperatures can bring up your spirit when you’re feeling down, they usually have the opposite effect in daily life. You can expect to feel frustrated and annoyed at even the smallest things when the temperature is too high, and it’s difficult to overcome those negative emotions without finding a way to cool off.

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People tend to feel sadder with the seasons. Even when the weather is absent of rain and wind, conditions that can lead to depression, depressive cycles still tend to reoccur during summer. Each person experiences heat differently, and it can even depend on where you live. If you’re used to hot summers already, it’s likely you can withstand higher temperatures compared to other people. An Australian summer would be difficult to survive if you lived in Canada!

Human aggression rises with the heat. The higher the temperature, the higher the level of aggression people can display, according to a recent study. Conflicts tend to rise, or are more difficult to dissipate, and tempers take longer to cool off. And when you’re in a crowd, even a casual elbow-hit can make you angry.

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It’s more difficult to sleep. A good night’s sleep can leave you feeling happy and rested. But when the temperature is too high, you’ll find it more likely to have insomnia. And if you are unable to sleep properly because you spent the entire night tossing and turning without reprieve from the constant heat, your mood is going to suffer. You’ll be more likely to have a headache and take out your annoyance and frustration on someone else.

Work productivity suffers. Because people tend to be in a bad mood when the temperatures are high, they tend to make more mistakes at work or be upset at something they wouldn’t normally be. After all, there’s a reduction of 8.9% in terms of productivity when temperature rises to 30oC.


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