Hottest Countries in the World (Part 1)

May 28 2015

James Patten


We’ve mentioned the coldest countries in the world, so now take a look at the hottest.

With the summer finally here you may be tempted to dash off to those far off countries and bask in the heat. Here are four countries you may find yourself melting in.


Egypt - iStock_000045122734_Medium

Home to the some of the great wonders of the world, Egypt and its ancient pyramids may be on your bucket list but its heat certainly won’t be. Reaching over 30°C in the summer months, you may find yourself spending more time searching the towns for shade than seeing the sights.

Saudi Arabia

Empty Quarter Camels

A rich land with a sprawling dusty desert, Saudi Arabia has an average heat of 50°C  plus during the summer holidays, so watch out when you’re sightseeing!


ancient Mayan ruins Tulum Caribbean turquoise

We’ve all seen the Cowboy and Indian movies with tumbleweeds roaming the dry, barren landscape under the watchful eye of the cacti, and, honestly, parts of Mexico aren’t too far from that. With dry grasslands and plenty of sandy beaches to relax, unwind and enjoy the hot sun in, Mexico seems to be one of the more popular tourist attractions. Remember your sunscreen though, temperatures here can reach above 50°C on your holidays!




With its staggering landscapes, stunning beaches and plenty of places to try your hand at surfing some seriously huge waves, Australia is a very popular holiday destination! Last year it saw one of its hottest temperatures on record, with some places reaching over 50°C!

We think you can see a pattern here, some of the hottest countries can be found with temperatures above 50°C and this is all thanks to their location. The Equator is a hub of heat and sun-drenched beaches. If you’re looking for a sunny holiday hotspot, these are definitely the places to be. However, if you’re stuck at work and want nothing more than to enjoy the heat and to gear yourself up for your upcoming holiday, a Powrmatic heating system would be a perfect investment. Interested? Why not take a look at our webpage to find out more about Powrmatic or call us on 01509 814 123 and see how you can turn your work place into a summer hotspot!

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