Hot Under the Collar – Facts You Never Knew About Heat (Part 2)

February 27 2015

James Patten


In our last blog; Hot Under the Collar – Facts You Never Knew About Heat (Part 1), our avid readers will remember that we embarked upon a serial of blogs all about the facts of heating. We shared some phenomenal facts last time, we hope that you learnt something new! However do not despair, if you didn’t, we have some more to share with you. We really do love our trivia – well you never know what you might need at the next pub quiz! So let’s start learning more about heat energy…

Did you know that the heat stored by roofs, pavement, and concrete structures can actually raise the temperature in cities by as much as 22 degrees at night time?

You may think that we suffer some exceedingly cold weather here on Earth but, the average temperature on Mars is -63! Those Martians must be made of sturdy stuff…

The term ‘heat wave’ was actually coined in New York, USA after a period of hot weather all the way back in 1892.

Heat waves are commonly associated with extraordinarily hot weather; a heat wave is defined when temperatures are more than 5 degrees Celsius over the average tempertature.

It isn’t just us humans that have to deal with the heat but animals too; did you know that polar bears aren’t actually white? Their skin is black which helps to absorb more heat from the sun; their hairs are transparent but they appear white because the airspace between them reflects all colours. Technically polar bears are luminescent.

As you go up in the atmosphere pressure is lower, therefore the temperature drops – so when you want to get cool – go up high!

So there you have it, some more incredibly fascinating facts about heat; there really is so much to learn about it – it really is exciting.

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