Hot In Here: The Highest Recorded Temperatures

April 28 2015

James Patten


Early this year, the UK was blessed with sunny days and warm temperatures. People rushed to put on their summer clothes and spent their days outside!

However, compared to some places, it was only a blip on the temperature scale.

Here, we are going to look at some of the highest temperatures that have ever been recorded. Some of them are real scorchers!

56.7 Degrees (134 °F)

Death Valley, California, United States of America

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a desert valley that is located in Eastern California. It is considered as being the driest and hottest area of North America.

It has extremely long and hot summers, short warm winters and little rainfall.

Death Valley in California, USA, currently holds the record for having the highest recorded temperature.

It was measured on the 10th July 1913 at Greenland Ranch.

55.0 Degrees (131 °F)

Kebili, Tunisia

Tunisia -iStock_000032053614_Medium

Kebili is a town in the south of Tunisia, and is one of the main cities in Nefzaoua.

An extreme temperature of 55.0 degrees was recorded in July in 1931 – making it the second highest recorded temperature in the world (or at least from those we have information on!).

Since then, there hasn’t been a reliable record of the temperature, but there was a 48 degrees result recorded on the 26th July 2005.

53.6 Degrees (128.5 °F)

Sulaibya, Kuwait

Corniche in Kuwait City, Middle East

Sulaibya is located in Al Jahra Governorate, Kuwait. It holds the record for having the highest temperature in Asia and the third highest in the rest of the world.

On the 31st July 2012, a temperature of 53.6 degrees was officially noted. This is what moved the town into the third spot above the 45 degrees that was recorded in Canada back in 1937.

Flowers and Sun - iStock_000038901200_Large

We all love a bit of sun, but even we think that these temperatures are a little extreme. We think we would much rather be somewhere with a comfortable temperature.

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