Heating Systems Throughout the Centuries

November 25 2015

James Patten


As we plough head long into the winter months, cosy warm jumpers are coming out of cupboards, and heaters and radiators across the country are warming up to battle the elements. When it comes to fighting off the cold, you can pile on the layers if you wish, but the best method is to look towards your heating system. Even our ancestors knew the importance of heating the home!
Ancient Rome

The first technology specifically for heating the home came in the form of central heating. The ancient Romans devised an ingenious system to allow heat from furnaces under the home, up into the rooms via pipes. The system was called the Hypocaust which, though a miraculous invention in its era, fell along with the Roman Empire, plunging the majority of Europe back into the world of fireplaces for hundreds of years.


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Medieval Alpine Regions

Heated homes weren’t seen again until the early medieval era, in the Alpine uplands. Here a simpler form of heating was used to heat the home in the colder months. Heat travelled through the homes via under floor channels from the furnace. This system proved to be far more effective than the Hypocaust and, when put into practice, proved to be about 90% more efficient.


mount Col DI Lana Monte Pelmo and mount Civetta


Cistercian Monks

In the thirteenth century the Cistercian Monks revitalised the way homes were heated by using river diversions and indoor furnaces to successfully heat monasteries. This elaborate central heating system was the first of its kind to use water, heated by a furnace and flushed through pipes to warm a building.


British Steam Heating

In 1594, an English writer named Hugh Plat mentioned a theory for heating the home via the use of steam. The ingenious idea wasn’t put into practice, or even designed, until the eighteenth century by Colonel Coke. Coke designed a system of pipe-work to carry the heated steam throughout the home and his design was attempted a number of years later by Scottish inventor James Watt.


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As technology has advanced over the centuries we can now happily benefit from a wide range of different heating technologies, allowing us to choose the most suitable types for different applications. Today the effectiveness of our quality heaters can be seen via a simple garage heater, which is able to efficiently heat our workplaces and garages with little hassle and cost.


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