Future Proofing Your Commercial Building

March 8 2017

James Patten


Through the installation of specialised heating and cooling systems, you ensure both short and long term positive impacts. Thinking of future expenses and which systems help you to have the more innovative technology will allow you to run your commercial building smoothly.


Increased Efficiency

Future proofing your building ensures that your commercial property increases its efficiency. Similarly to industrial buildings, commercial buildings occupy a large area, affecting their surroundings due to their high energy needs.

Through installing efficient systems, you guarantee that, throughout your business, all components are streamlined. In addition to providing a comfortable work atmosphere for your employees, efficient systems regulate the surrounding environment’s temperature, which impacts your products.

From ensuring you have energy efficient lights to having proper building insulation, every factor influences the effective maintenance of your commercial building. Other measures such as having double glazed windows guarantee you think of all aspects that come into play when running your business and will impact it in the future.


Innovative Technology

Specialised air conditioning brands offer the latest technology in heating and cooling systems, providing a wide range of options that allow you to choose the one that fits your requirements the most. With the proper maintenance processes being followed, both heating and cooling systems work at their highest levels of performance, delivering the results you require to ensure your commercial property is well-maintained.



Reduced Costs

Evaporative cooling reduces your energy bills due to its natural way of cooling down the air. These systems allow you to save up to approximately 90% on electricity, which translates to higher hourly savings. Approximately 30% of building costs are linked to energy expenses and 20% of the energy used that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions comes from commercial buildings.

Future proofing your commercial building becomes imperative, as it not only impacts how your business runs but also how your company is perceived. Efficient buildings tend to be increasingly environmentally conscious, which translates to an increase in good reputation with clients, investors, and employees.

As providers of high-quality heating and cooling systems, here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we understand the importance of proper temperature regulation for both commercial and industrial buildings. Our wide range of products are sure to fit your needs, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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