Commonly Circulated Heating and Cooling Myths – Part 2

November 11 2014

James Patten


Last time, we brought you the first part in an ongoing series that deals with various heating and cooling myths that we’ve come across over the years, but without shadow of a doubt there are still plenty of misconceptions concerning this subject floating around in the ether. With that in mind, we’re picking up right where we left off, so read on to find the definitive answers to yet more commonly held heating and cooling myths:

Myth: Leaving the Heating on a Constant Low Setting is for the Best

There’s a prevailing attitude that suggests that leaving the heating on at a constant low temperature is far more energy efficient than simply turning it on and off when you need it. When you think about it logically, this can’t be the case though, because leaving it on all the time simply results in the heating being on when nobody actually wants it. Therefore, you risk people getting too warm and throwing the windows open, which is potentially very energy inefficient. Similarly, the constant low heat could be far too little if it really is getting chilly. Definitely doesn’t sound efficient to us.

Myth: Warm Air Heating Circulates the Dust

An idea continues to persist in society that warm air heating blows dust all around the premises in question, but as you’ve probably guessed by now that’s not necessarily true. Concerns about things like allergies are now widespread in society, and so filtration systems and the like are pretty much mandatory. Even the finest particles like tobacco smoke can be filtered out by these devices, so the air in a building need never become a problem for those with respiratory complaints.

Myth: Opening Doors Helps to Spread the Heat

This is a funny one, because plenty of people always keep the doors shut in a heated room to help contain the warmth, yet despite this we still hear an argument from time to time that suggests that you should keep the doors open instead. The thing is that hot air will eventually cool and sink back to the floor area, where it will then be reheated to rise again. Keeping the door closed is essential to contain this air in the place where you want it; otherwise it will simply escape and be of no use.

Myth: Setting a Thermostat Higher will Warm a Room Quicker

We’ve probably all been in a room at some point and found the temperature a bit too cold for our liking. How many times has someone then ramped up the thermostat in the belief that it’ll lead to a quick-fire warm up? Not true. Obviously, the temperature will continue to rise until it hits a higher level (often too high), but the speed of the increase in air temperature won’t be enhanced at all. It’s obvious when you think about it, but it still catches plenty of people out.

Myth: Running Your Air Conditioning Unit Overnight is Good Practice

Some people believe that running the air conditioning overnight will maintain a low enough temperature so energy can be saved in the morning. However, this really doesn’t work out too well, as leaving the air conditioning on overnight will burn energy far quicker than using it for a quick spell in the morning.

Although there are plenty of myths about heating and cooling systems, one thing you can rest assured about is that Heritage Heating and Cooling can provide you with all the very best industrial heating and cooling solutions on the market. To find out more, contact us now by calling 01509 814 123 or send us an email to

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