Commonly Circulated Air Conditioning Myths

November 24 2014

James Patten


In our last two blogs, we dispelled a number of common myths that relate to the sphere of heating and cooling, but the world of air conditioning confuses so many people that we thought we should dedicate another short feature entirely to this topic. Plenty of us sing the praises of air conditioning in the hot summer months, but just as many people harbour large misconceptions about how it works, so here are a few facts to set the record straight:

Myth: You Only Need Air Conditioning When It’s Warm

Air conditioning tends to be firmly associated with cooling, but it can actually do far more than just that. The next time you stand in a shop and can feel cold air washing out of a HVAC system over you, remember that this same system can be used to keep you warm in the winter!

Myth: Air Conditioning is Bad for the Environment

Air conditioning has frequently been pinpointed as being bad for the environment in the past, but modern systems are quickly becoming more and more efficient. ‘A rated’ energy certificates are fairly common, and such systems are very proficient indeed (especially in mild climates).

Myth: Positioning Doesn’t Make a Difference to Air Conditioning

Some people think that an air conditioning unit will have the exact same effect in a room no matter where you have it placed. This isn’t true. If you put your unit near a heat source, then it’ll naturally kick in when you don’t really need it to. Positioning does make a difference.

Myth: Consistent Air Conditioning is more Efficient than Stop-Starting

Turning an air conditioning system on and off again is often seen as an inefficient use of such a device, but even at high temperatures you’ll save far more energy by turning it off than you would by leaving an air conditioner on all day. Cooling a room when you don’t really want to isn’t smart.

Myth: Air Conditioners Only Need Servicing When They Go Wrong

On the one hand, this is possibly true, but plenty of minor faults will prevent your air conditioning from being efficient without becoming too apparent. Routine maintenance will help you too keep on top of faults, so it’s highly recommended.

Myth: Air Conditioning Generates Fresh Air

Far more people believe this lie than you may think! Essentially, air conditioners refrigerate the existing air within a room, and their use has nothing to do with bringing in ‘new air’. You may feel otherwise, but your senses are simply being confused by the cold air.

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