Coldest Countries in the World (Part Two)

July 15 2015

James Patten


Winter in the UK is typically defined as being from December – February. This is usually when we get the worst weather of the year; cold, rainy and frosty. The weather can be nasty, and no one wants to leave their house. Whilst it might seem like it’s absolutely freezing during these months, you’ll be surprised to hear that there are a lot of countries that are extremely worse off. In fact, some people in these countries can’t actually leave their homes during the coldest days.

A couple of months back we wrote a post that looked at some of the coldest countries in the world. We looked at Canada, USA, Greenland, Antarctica and Russia. With temperatures dropping here from what we had during our mini heat wave last week, we thought we would delve back into this series and reveal more of the coldest countries in the world. Guess it’s not all bad here after all?



Estonia is situated in northern Europe, and consists of mainland and around 1500 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea. Its temperatures are not as extreme as some of the countries that we have included on the list, but they are cold enough for it to be included in a list of the coldest countries in the world. In fact, during the winter in Estonia, people are unable to carry out their everyday tasks and jobs. The temperatures sit between -7oC and -3oC, and rain is unpredictable and comes at unexpected times through the year – making the weather a lot more biting.


Frozen Landscape - iStock_000055009350_Medium

Finland is also situated in northern Europe, not too far from Estonia. Snow lasts for about 4 months during the winter seasons here, and the temperature can drop to around -20°C.

The coldest part of the country is Lapland – which can have bitterly cold winds throughout the year. The snow and the harsh winds combined, make it an unpleasant place to live during the colder months. It’s surprising then, that the summers are quite pleasant – it never gets too hot or uncomfortable.


Big Almaty Lake in Zaili Alatau

Situated in Asia, Kazakhstan is located extremely close to Russia (which was on our list in part one). It’s a relatively unknown country, even though it ranks at number 9 on the list of biggest countries in the world. The temperatures can drop so low in winter, it’s impossible to leave the house – and frost bite is a common occurrence.

The coldest place in Kazakhstan is the capital, a place called Astana. It’s referred to as being the second coldest capital city in the world, with winters which are long, very cold and extremely dry. Temperatures of -35oC are not unusual during December, January and March – with the city’s river also freezing over. The coldest temperature recorded in Astana was -51oC.

These countries make us feel cold by just writing about them, we’re not sure that we would survive actually living in them. Luckily we don’t have to, and we are fortunate that we can live and work in a comfortable temperature all year round.

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