The Business Benefits of Quality Heating Systems

October 4 2017

James Patten


The summer has come to an end, the beginning of winter is in full swing, and this is the time for businesses to obtain quality heating systems. It is vitally important for employees and business owners to ensure heating is at a considerable standard through the colder seasons, ensured with warm air heating maintenance.

Quality heating systems can provide numerous benefits for any business and, at Heritage Heating & Cooling, we can help you to improve the air quality in your commercial properties and ensure temperatures are at optimal levels. Here are some business benefits that quality heating systems can bring:

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Increased Staff Performance

Employees are a vital aspect of businesses, and their work environment influences their performance. For example, if an office or warehouse is too hot, this can decrease levels of concentration as the body is not focusing on the task at hand; instead, it is focusing on how to cool down.

The same occurs when an office space is too cool; the body is focused on getting warm and employees will not feel comfortable at work. Temperatures in office work places are the number one cause of arguments in the UK, a 2016 study showed 70% of workers stated they are unhappy. As providers in heating, we aim to reduce this with the use of quality heating systems.

These systems can supply a much cleaner and more constant air environment for employees at any time and, by working in a comfortable workspace, staff’s performance is likely to increase. The optimal temperature to achieve the greatest output of work according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is 16 degrees Celsius, so it is imperative to keep this in mind during the colder months.

Monetary Impact

With many products, the higher the quality, the more value you will receive for your money. Obtaining a quality heating system for your business can lead to bigger impacts within the work place, as it can maintain the correct working temperature, leading to a higher level of productivity.  We offer a wide variety of heating systems, each benefiting businesses greatly. Of course, we too offer a warm air heating maintenance so you don’t even have to worry about this, you can continue to do the great work you do every

A higher quality product will last longer than that of an old or damaged system that is in need of repairs. This will lead to a positive monetary impact, as the longer the system lasts, the more you are getting for your money. Also, if a system is of higher quality, the chance of it breaking or becoming damaged when it’s most in demand is decreased.

Being without heating in the coldest months is not a beneficial factor for any business, as this can also result in employees becoming ill due to the cold environment. This will mean more sick days, for example, which will affect the performance of the business and, possibly, affect the monetary aspects too. Absenteeism costs UK businesses an estimated £36 billion each year, so heating and cooling systems can contribute to a reduction in this figure.

Obtaining quality heating systems can ensure your business is prepared to tackle any weather conditions which may arise in the winter seasons, saving your business money.

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Quality heating systems are highly effective and provide numerous benefits to businesses, mainly contributing towards the health and performance level of employees. If you would like to purchase or find out more about our heating systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 01509 814 123, or emailing, and we will be happy to help.

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