Weather Bomb Blows Us Away as It Hits the UK

December 10 2014

James Patten


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, you’ve probably come across a variety of articles speculating about the potential of a ‘weather bomb’ that’s been set to hit UK shores very soon. Indeed, unless you were very fortunate, you’ve probably noticed that this speculation became reality last night, as large parts of the country were hit by huge storms. But what exactly is this so-called weather bomb? It sounds an awful lot like tabloid style hype, but does it have substance?

Explosive Cyclogenesis

Well, if you ask the 17,000 Scottish homes that are now without power after last night’s onslaught, you’ll probably be convinced that this really is something to take seriously. ‘Weather bomb’ is an informal term for a real phenomenon in the weather. Named ‘explosive cyclogenesis’ in technical jargon, this label is called upon when a storm grows in intensity as its centre point drops by more than 24 millibars in 24 hours. Such a storm was spotted moving eastwards between Scotland and Iceland some days ago, but now it’s here the duration is expected to be several days or so.

The Affects

The upshot of this stormy situation is all that you might expect. In exposed areas of the country, wind speeds of up to 90mph can be encountered, and this will result (and has resulted) in coastal areas being struck by waves of exceptional heights. Weather warnings have been issued with regards to rain, and the wind speeds are predicted to cause a drop in temperatures. Some areas, particularly the Scottish Highlands, could well have to struggle through isolated blizzard conditions, so all in all this fancifully named weather front looks like it justifies the coverage it has been getting.

Keeping Warm

There’s a lot of uncertainty regarding the exact timings of this storm, although many meteorologists expect that it will keep going strong until at least Friday afternoon (with a possible respite on Thursday). Given that suspicion, it’s highly likely that your employees are going to be trudging into work after fighting through a lot of inclement weather, so the last thing they’ll want is to then set up camp in a chilly workplace. That’s a situation that works for nobody, and it’s just as applicable throughout the winter months. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we specialise in providing a variety of industrial heaters for workplace environments, so with our help, you’ll soon beat the winter chill. Contact us now by calling 01509 814 123 or email


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