The Best Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

April 26 2019

James Patten


As the weather finally starts to warm up, the UK is looking set for another glorious summer this year. Last year the UK experienced record-breaking temperatures, and we could very well break those records again in the next couple of months. So, how are you supposed to beat the heat this summer and stay cool and fresh? Here are a few things to try:

Keep Blinds/Curtains Closed

Keeping the curtains or blinds drawn during the summer might seem counter-intuitive. After all, if you’ve got all the windows cracked open you’re going to want to feel that breeze. However, glass windows act as a serious suntrap. If your home or place of work has several windows letting the hot sun shine through all day, things are going to get seriously toasty. Instead, keep everything drawn, especially during the hottest parts of the day, so that rooms don’t become unnecessarily warm.

Opening Curtains

Unplug Electronics

Electronics are little vampires for power, and all this power has the added effect of causing substantial amounts of heat. If you’ve got a TV, computer, phone charger and the like all plugged in in the same room, the amount of heat they generate could be enough to counter your efforts to cool down. This especially applies to the likes of offices that have many computers and laptops plugged in in one room that are always kept running.

Whenever you’re not using an electronic device, make sure you switch it off at the mains. In a work environment, assign the role to the last person who leaves the office in the evening to check that all electronics have been switched off, and leave up notices reminding employees to do so when they pack up in the evening. And don’t forget the lights too, as bulbs can also give off heat.

Eat Frequent, Small Meals

When you eat a large, bulky meal, your body will produce more metabolic heat to break down the food, which will warm you up. Eating smaller portions of food more frequently will help to prevent this. Also, make sure you choose light, cold meals to help keep cool. You’ll get to try out all those great summer salad recipes with the added bonus that you won’t have to stand around a hot stove or oven.

Stay Hydrated

One of the quickest, easiest ways to cool down is with a nice, cold glass of water. It can help to keep your body temperature down and keeps you healthy and hydrated. A good tip is to freeze a bottle of water over night and carry it with you throughout the day. It will slowly melt as the day goes on to give you delicious, icy water at the ready.

Keep Cool With Water

Paint the Walls White

If you’re interested in doing a bit of home improvements or an office redesign, designing with the climate in mind can be a savvy way of beating the heat in the summer. White is the best colour to use, it reflects heat rather than absorbing it, it’s exactly why so many buildings in Mediterranean counties are painted white.

If you’re able, give your home or workplace a whitewashed makeover to help keep the rooms cool this summer. White curtains and blinds can also work if a full redesign isn’t possible.

Dress Wisely

Certain materials and clothing items do not lend themselves to the heat, and we’re not just talking about putting away the jumpers and jackets. Linen and cotton are great lightweight materials to wear this summer. You can get shirts and trousers made entirely on linen that won’t trap the heat or weigh you down.

In a similar vain to painting the walls white, wearing white or light colours in the best way to radiate the heat off you, as dark colours will only absorb the heat. A white cardigan or shawl over the shoulders can really help you stay cool and keep the sun off your skin.

Invest in Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are the fastest and most effective way to stay cool in the summer and can be a blessing to those working in warm environments like an office. Whilst there are no specific legal requirements for heat, employers must ensure their place of work is kept at a ‘suitable’ temperature level. Employees who overheat won’t be able to concentrate on their work, so it’s beneficial for employers to ensure their workplace is a comfortable temperature during the summer.

Fujitsu and Midea Air Conditioning

At Heritage Heating a Cooling, we can provide you with industrial air conditioning so you can keep your place of work suitably cool this summer. Additionally, we also specialise in warm air heating if you’re already thinking about when we inevitably head back into winter.

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