Baby, It’s Cold...Inside? How Cold Temperatures Can Affect The Workplace

December 7 2015

James Patten


Even though we’re just over two weeks away from Christmas, festive isn’t the only thing we’re feeling. The cold weather has left a lot of us with… well, a cold. The Christmas bug (and not the good kind) has already started to make the rounds around the office, with a lot of people falling ill to the dreaded flu.

Due to the Antarctic style weather happening outside our windows, it’s only reasonable that we want our work environments to be warm and comfortable. Not only do cold working environments make flu symptoms even worse, they also affect people in a number of different ways.

Image of sick business partners blowing their noses in office

Women Feel it the Worse

According to research carried out, women actually feel the cold a lot more than men in the office environment. This is because air conditioning is often set at a temperature that is comfortable for men but not for women – their lower metabolic rate means that they require a lot more warmth than the opposite gender. This is something to keep in mind when the next argument over the heating breaks out.

Say Goodbye to Productivity

Cold temperatures in office environments aren’t just detrimental to the health of employees; they also cause harm to productivity levels. In fact, chilly temperatures are responsible for killing productivity in the workplace. Studies show that people are likely to make more mistakes than ever when feeling cold – an increase of around 44%.

The Monday Morning Feeling Lasts All Day

You know the feeling that you get when walking into the office on a Monday morning? The lack of motivation that often disappears once you’re back into the swing of things? Well, a cold office often means that this feeling is prolonged throughout the whole day. Lack of focus and drowsiness are a negative effect of feeling too cold – grinding work productivity to a complete halt.

The government has stated that the temperature within working environments should be ‘reasonable’ all year round. Whilst there isn’t a specific temperature set by law, they do recommend that the temperature shouldn’t be allowed to drop lower than 13oC.

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