End of Summer Maintenance for Air Conditioning

September 2 2016

James Patten


As summer ends and autumn begins, ensuring that your air conditioning unit is in top shape is essential. Whether you have a commercial or an industrial property, your air conditioning unit helps keep your workplace cool and safe.

With cooler months ahead of us, your air conditioner might not be cooling down your workplace, but maintaining it properly keeps it ready for any unexpected warmer day nature brings – and in perfect condition for the warmer months next year!

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning unit regularly is necessary, especially after a full season of constant use. Catching issues before they become more serious will keep your air conditioner working perfectly for longer, being caught off guard on a hot day is never pleasant! Your employees will thank you for a well maintained unit.

Simple maintenance routines, like cleaning the air conditioning unit’s filter, will ensure that it works properly when you turn it on.


Saving Money

Autumn brings cooler weather and a chill in the air, but on some days it still very much feels like summer. To make sure you and your employees are cooling off properly, you need to do some end of summer maintenance. Any issue with your unit might lead you to incur high energy bills or to a more serious problem that could have been easy to fix if caught early on.


Preparing for Next Year

In addition to being ready for those warm days still ahead of you, end of summer maintenance guarantees that, when you need it next year, your air conditioning unit is working efficiently. Turning your unit on in spring and not having it work is an unnecessary worry, so when summer comes to a close, a properly maintained unit won’t bring you any troubles and it will turn on without any issues in the springtime.

The end of summer is the perfect time for a tune up; there are still warmer days and you have chance to repair any damage caused by its constant use over summer.

High quality air conditioning units help you to cool down when hot days come around, and they let you be ready for any eventuality – they can even warm you up, too! Ensuring proper maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioning units is easy, and you’ll save money long term. Here at Heritage Heating & Cooling Ltd we always guarantee that you get the best possible service. Our experts are available to answer any query you might have, just get in touch with us on 01509 814 123!

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