Four Facts About Air Conditioners

May 3 2016

James Patten


Now that the days are getting warmer you might be looking for ways to keep yourself cool. Whether you have a large workspace or small, an air conditioner is a key element in any space, as they have moved on from being simple a luxury into being a necessity – especially if the temperatures in your place of work are too high for comfort.

Even though air conditioning is becoming a staple in every office, warehouse or garage, there are still some things you might not know about these cooling machines:

How They Work

Because feeling cold in the workplace is just as unpleasant as being too warm, it’s important to achieve the right balance. For this, your air conditioner needs to move the heat from the room to the outside of the building, which then cools down the temperature. They propel cool air into your workspace by pulling the heat out of the air and cooling it by blowing it over evaporator coils – which are cold pipes filled with a refrigerant.

How They Were Used Before

When heat became too much in the 1910s, people flocked to the theatres to escape it, which gave rise to ‘summer blockbusters’. After marketing the fact that their buildings had air conditioning, the owners of these theatres released big pictures during the summer because viewers wanted to cool down for a bit.

How They Help People

Besides improving the productivity in the workplace, whether that’s in an office, a warehouse or a retail setting, the invention of air conditioning has made life-changing scientific advances possible. Being able to refrigerate materials has been incredibly useful in the medical field, as it allowed scientists to develop new technologies that increase human life expectancy and fight against diseases – especially those that thrive in warmer climates.

How They Put a Stop to Summer Vacations

Before central air conditioning was common in buildings, a wide range of industries – and even the government – took a 2 to 3 month vacation during the warmer months. It’s difficult to imagine everyone taking the summer off, but these units really revolutionised the way work used to be done.

Air conditioners are still changing our everyday lives, as without them it would be difficult to maintain work productivity or perform certain scientific tasks. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01509 814 123 if you’d like to learn more about our heating and air conditioning products, or if you want to discuss the installation of these units in your building.

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