Three Tips To Gear Up Your Garage for the Winter Ahead

October 26 2015

James Patten


We knew it was coming… we like to pretend that it will be sunny forever, but with the turning back of the clocks we are officially reminded that autumn is well and truly upon us. When providing our industrial heaters across the country, we are all too aware of the risks of letting the cold in, but typically we allow it to happen, year after year.

One place where the cold likes to let itself in is through your garage. There are, however, several forms of attack you can take to combat the wicked winter and stop the chill at the door. So take heed as we provide you with some valuable tips on how to winter-proof your garage.

Give it a Clean

OK, we know it’s not exactly what you want to spend your weekends doing, but through cleaning your garage you are removing some of the favourite haunts which tiny critters like to spend the winter. Through the simple act of taking a rigid broom to your garage floor you can remove all the built up dead leaves and dirt. Also, this is a good time to take the opportunity to say goodbye to those pesky cobwebs… don’t be shy. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your garage looks if you just put the time in to clean those hard to reach corners.

Weatherproof It

There are several tips that we can offer that will best help you weatherproof your garage. One useful weatherproofing idea to implement is to weatherstrip your doors to give them a chance at fending off the winter’s abundant water; that stuff likes to rot its way through everything. Garages are a pest for letting the cold in and can serve to drop the temperatures of any adjoining rooms, so through simply preventing the chill from getting in under your doors you can help to preserve your heat as well as saving money; you can try implementing some rubber/waterproof strips across the foot of your door.

Seal Up Cracks

This is a bit of a given but can often be ignored. Through simply preventing the places where the water can get in, you are stopping the liquid dead in its tracks and preventing it from creating larger cracks when the water freezes and expands. This is not to mention the fact that heat likes to escape through these cracks, so through blocking them up you could be helping to make your garage that little bit more energy efficient.

Double Garage with flower pot

If you find that you’ve done all of the above and then some, then it may be that you are in the need for a new heater! If this is the case, then our team at Heritage Heating are the go to guys to speak to. Winter is only round the corner, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact our friendly team on 01509 814 123, where we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make your winter a warm and cosy one.

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