Avoiding Heat Exhaustion and Heat stroke

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion and Heat stroke

You’ve no doubt noticed by now that this summer is shaping up to be a hot one. Whilst we all enjoy a bit of sunshine when we’re lounging in the garden, in the workplace the accumulated heat can be more of a pain than anything else. A sticky, uncomfortable work environment is one thing, but as temperatures continue to rise you may find that your workers are dropping like flies. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the two main culprits – and heat stroke can easily put a swift stop to any work activities all together.

What Am I Dealing With?

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke both have a very simple cause – too much heat. All workplaces are vulnerable to this accumulation of unwanted heat during the summer months, and it is vital to be aware of the potential consequences. Heat exhaustion can put your workers out of action for anything from half an hour to a day, but heat stroke is a medical emergency, and your employee will require immediate professional attention. Hardly conducive to a productive work environment.

What Does it Look Like?

The symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are, thankfully, easy to identify. Excessive sweating and confusion or tiredness are characteristic of heat exhaustion, whereas heat stroke can be identified by its more severe symptoms – sudden cessation of sweating, high temperature and a combination of rapid breathing and heartbeat. For a full list of symptoms, consult this NHS guide.

What Do I Need To Do?

The first step is to establish control over your workplace temperature. In an office environment, this can be as simple as buying a few fans to scatter around, but, in a manufacturing plant or similarly labour-intensive indoors workspace, you’ll need something a bit more comprehensive, such as the industrial air conditioning in Nottingham which we offer here at Heritage Heating and Cooling. The second step is to have a solid policy in place for dealing with instances of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Acting swiftly is vital in ensuring that interruptions to workplace productivity are contained, as well as potentially saving lives.

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