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  • Top HVAC Myths Debunked

    HVAC systems are ideal in working environments like factories and warehouses to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature. Excessive heat and cold can be detrimental to worker’s concentration levels, directly impacting productivity. So an HVAC system is one of the easiest … Continue reading

  • Signs Your HVAC System Needs to be Replaced

    When HVAC systems are not working properly, they give off some tell-tale signs that show they’re on the brink. So, this month, we’re taking a look at what these signs are and how people can know when it’s time to … Continue reading

  • Which Heater is the Best Option for Your Factory?

    When it comes to heating your factory there are plenty of options to choose from. Different kinds of heaters offer various benefits and advantages for heating up a factory floor. With all that ample open space, you need a heating … Continue reading

  • How to Improve Cost Efficiency in Factories

    Reducing production costs is essential in factories. At Heritage Heating, we understand that factories can have multiple temperature needs as well, which can often increase costs – for instance, a food manufacturing factory will more than likely have freezer rooms.

  • Heating and Cooling: How do Filters Work?

    The filters on your heating and cooling equipment are crucial to the performance of the systems themselves. This is why filters need to be well-kept and replaced on a regular basis – but have you considered why filters are so … Continue reading

  • How to Boost the Efficiency of Your Heating System

    While a lot of people are now working from home, this isn’t the case for everyone. For those who still need to go to the office or the factory floor, for instance, having a reliable heating system in place is … Continue reading

  • Types of Air Conditioning

    There are a variety of different kinds of air conditioning units, and which one you choose to install in your commercial building will depend on the size of the space, the type of work environment and the design of the … Continue reading

  • The Importance of Draught Management In The Workplace

    In an office or any other place of work, employees must be kept at a constant, comfortable temperature. It’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure that their employees are happy in the workplace, and a comfortable temperature environment all year round … Continue reading

  • The Pros and Cons of Air Conditioning

    Getting an air conditioning unit installed in your commercial property can be a bit of an undertaking. It’s not as simple as changing the brand of tea bags in the kitchen – although the impact it can have on workers … Continue reading